Unpacking concussions, with the power of story


CrashCourse has joined together with the Brain Injury Association of America to celebrate the BIAA’s 40th anniversary by offering a “Sneak Peek” of 40 personal video concussion stories which will be released as part of the Concussion Story Wall interactive database.

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About the Concussion story wall
(Coming Early 2021)

This will include 4,000+ individual stories relating to how an injury occurred, the symptoms experienced, and personal suggestions from those who have been injured by a concussion. It is intended as a comprehensive resource for the many who are impacted including athletes, parents, coaches, officials, teachers, and military veterans. An additional highlight of the Concussion Story Wall will be a panel of 14 of the world’s leading medical experts addressing specific aspects of concussions related to symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The crashcourse concussion story wall will be presented in collaboration with:

The Story Wall is the 2nd Multi-Sport product in the CrashCourse Concussion Education suite launched by the nonprofit TeachAids.org. To learn more about our free products visit: CrashCourse.TeachAids.org.